Joppes Gröna Rum

Ännu ett Truck Stop på den binära motorvägen. Hälsa på hos killen som myntade ordet krukväxtblogg.

Joppes Gröna Rum is history!

Kategori: Allmänt

Idag flyttar jag hastigt och lustigt från mitt gröna lilla rum. Det här projektet är därmed avslutat.


I was heading down to see you but I didn't know the way
I was trying to forget you but you always seem to stay
It's a miracle that I am still alive to see you play
With everyone. Like a setting sun

When I get my things together I will take it from the start
I will say goodbye to everyone and walk out in the dark
Aint it funny how thing like this dont ever seem to work
Out for me. Well I'm too scared you see

I've spent far too many hours trying to figure out your heart
I was meant to walk behind you; I was doomed from the start
You are pretty and you make me feel that I am somehow part
Of the mystery. That's your history

I remember when you called me and we went down to the sea
I remember how you fooled me to believe that I was free
And we talked about whaevea we had been through you and me
Now it's history. What a misery!